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Dynamic Junction Management System (CHAOS)

CHAOS™, which is a new generation dynamic junction management system, reduces the waiting duration of the vehicles by optimizing the traffic light durations depending on the number of vehicles on the signalized intersections. CHAOS™ enables the automatic determination of the green light durations via junction control devices.
With Smart Vehicle Counting Camera, VIERO, real time counting of vehicles in intersections is made using image processing techniques and vehicle density data are obtained. Vehicle density data is transferred to CENTRIS, the Dynamic Junction Control Unit integrated externally in the junction control device.
Vehicle density data transferred to the CENTRIS unit is analyzed instantly by the system and light durations in junctions are optimized continuously. Thus, durations of vehicles to wait in traffic lights are minimized.


  • Traffic in intersections and junctions between the intersections is made more fast-moving
  • Duration of vehicles to wait in intersections, thus the time they pass in traffic is minimized
  • Poisonous gas emission and noise pollution are reduced and contribution is made to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced and contribution is made to the national economy
  • With safe durations generated by the system, the number of red light violations and traffic accidents is reduced

Traffic Control Center Software, METIS

Traffic Control Center Software METIS, as a part of CHAOSTM System is a completely web based control center software which is based on digital map, which establishes live connection with junctions in accordance with international communication standards and maintains communication for 24/7, which is capable of remote junction control and which can realize statistical analyses according to current and past traffic data.

Junction Monitoring Camera Display

Signal Coordination with CHAOSTM Systems which can Communicate with Each Other

The benefit provided by the dynamic intersection management in asingle junction increases by the implementation of the system in consecutive junctionss. The property of CHAOSTM system to communicate with another CHAOSTM system enables signal coordination between consecutive intersections. Using the information in how many seconds the vehicles passing from one intersection reach the next junction, CHAOSTM system is enabled to work in order to realize signal coordination in more than one junction instead of local intersection management. Thus, it is possible that vehicles passing from one junction pass the net junction by either not waiting in the red light or waiting for a very short time.

Priority Passage of Vehicles

Thanks to the Priority Passage of Vehicles Module within the CHAOSTM system, it is possible to give priority to Ambulance and Firefighter vehicles approaching to the junction.

System receives location information from the GPS module integrated previously to the vehicle desired to have passage priority. Priority passage algorithm working on METIS uses this location information to determine the direction of the vehicles approaching to the intersection and changes the signal order in the junction instantly. Thus, the conflict occurring during the pass of ambulance and firefighter vehicles is minimized and possible accidents are prevented.